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An ideal hoist for builders and roofers alike with 50m of usable steel rope.
An ideal lifting tools for scaffolding and beams.
1、Unique Patented design and Elegant Shape, which hooks to scaffolding and makes the job of getting building materials etc to upper storeys and roofs much easier and safer.
2、Suspending style with protection hook allows for convenient and reliable mounting. The motor works only in the case of the protection hook is hanging and the interlock key is plug-in, which device is specially requested by GS approval, it is Real-Safe Suspending protection hook.
3、The Unique Automatic Rope Winding System lines up the steel rope with no mess,no squeeze and increase the life of steel rope by over 30,000 times.
4、Special rope drum for a maximum of 40m steel rope, wider range.
5、The Up & Down limiting position device strictly meets European Standard EN-14492-2+A1/AC:2010.
6、Easily to change the steel rope, without needing to disassemble.
7、The Pulley Hook allows double lifting capacity.
8、New designed Bearing system allows free rotatingof the cable drum and increases the lifetime of the hoist.
9、Easily lubricate via the grease nipple.


Suspending Electric Hoist (200/400kg)  

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Material rope Hoist  
Golden Series Electric Hoist  
Silver Series Electric Hoist  
Copper Series Electric Hoist  
Wired/Wireless Switch Hoist  
Mini Electric Hoist  
Fast Electric Hoist  
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